Food log 2


Went Coyote Hills for painting but the sun is too hot. Only able to stand still and drew for 15 mins, which left my drawing unfinished 😦 So I did some food study at home instead. (snap from last year.)
Ink: Platinum pigment ink burn sepia
Pen: Sailor 1911S extra fine
Water color: DS and WN
on Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook A4.

Coyote Hills painting 10


Coyote Hills in Nectar Garden
2 hours 15 min
Pencil, ink, watercolor, gouache on Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook.


watercolor set

This is my first time using this DIY portable easel for outdoor drawing.
Drawing Borad: 8 x 10 inch acrylic glass
2 oz water cup with lip
Couples big and small blinder clips to clip the sketchbook and watercolor kit on the board
Paper towel

I tape a strip of velcro on both the drawing board and the bottom of the water cup.  This way the water cup is stick pretty good on the board. I also found an extra candy tin (same as the Altoids tin) and clip them together with 2 small blinder clips for more mixing space.

*I lost count how many Coyote painting I posted, therefor correction. 🙂

Animal study, Koi


2 hr
Pencil, ink, watercolor, gouache, white ink pen on  Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook A4.

I bite the bullet and get myself some professorial grade Daniel Smith watercolor. (Bye bye to my old WN Cotman set.) The different is huge. The color is much more intense and vivid. I like the DS color created more granulation than my old set does. This drawing done within two hours. I’m sold. 🙂 An Empty travel watercolor box is just too expensive and not make sense. So I look it up online and found some tutorial for a watercolor kit. A regulator Altoids box, 12 empty half pans and some magnetic tape from Daiso. Bam! I got myself a nice travel set. Can’t wait to painting with it outside.


Diaso Magnetic tape $1.50. empty half pan $ 0.79 each with discount. White enamel paint for the paint area. $0.00 (found at home.) Altoids tin $2.69. The Daniel Smith paint is expensive because they don’t have discount. Don’t ask me about it, haha.


cut the tape and stick to the bottom of the pans. Easy to remove and refill.


Let it dry for few days before take it out. Or you will be sorry. >_>


Here is my new watercolor setup. Need more desk space so I can paint with bigger paper. Resting a drawing board between the computer desk and my chair. Voila! Instant watercolor table! Though I need something to secure the water cup. It tilts toward me and easy to knock off.