Welcome to Rhysmyth, America’s newest and most popular competitive sport!  Rhysmyth features intense one-on-one dance battles where players create their own rhythm and move to their own beat.  When the music starts, they dance across a hi-tech digital glass grid, hitting light squares while avoiding broken ones to be the fastest, most accurate and stylish on the court.

High school sophomore Elena has been looking for a little something extra to beef up her college apps–without any success. Things can’t get any worse when the same clumsiness that got her permanently banned from the gymnastics team sends her face-first down a flight of stairs.  But fortunately for her that same fall lands the opportunity of a lifetime! Now Elena finds herself in the fast-paced world of Rhysmyth, where getting her groove on can lead to rivalry and romance!


Elena, a clumsy but talented high school student, finds herself on the receiving end of a mysterious invitation to the Rhysmyth team.  In need of an extra curricular activity to boost her college application, she finally has the chance she’s been looking for!  But first she has to prove herself to the current team.  There’s the puzzling captain Wahzee, who goes from laid-back to drill sargeant in a split second.  The most talented Rhysmyther around, he’s also quite skilled at confusing Elena–are they just teammates? Friends? Something…more? Then there’s the friendly trash-talker Diocel. Always willing to lend a hand, he might be more interested in team chemistry with Elena than teamwork. Rounding out the cast of teammates is the most popular girl in school, Taylor, whose hobby for the past four years has been torturing Elena.  With Taylor’s sights set on Wahzee and the final starting spot on the team, can Elena prove she really belongs?


Clumsy high school student Elena tumbled down a flight of
stairs…into the action-packed world of Rhysmyth!

Now she’s on the team–to her surprise–and competing alongside the
very best: the beautiful and confident Taylor, the brainy but
free-spirited Diocel and the most hardcore of them all, unpredictable
team-captain Wahzee.

The District Tournament has arrived and Highwall High School is primed
for a revenge rematch showdown with arch-rival Mountain Ridge Prep.
Now Elena must find out where she really belongs. Can she contribute
against an uber-talented opponent? And will Diocel’s attraction to her
affect the team’s performance?



RHYSMYTH©Anthony Andora, Lincy Chan and Tokyopop Inc