Pinky Street mod

Back then when I working on my 3D figure, I stuck at some point.  So I looked for some tutorials online and found these cute doll instead!

Pinky Street

I found a lot of people customize pinky for their favor anime/game characters.  I thought that would be awesome if I can customize my own characters too.

I ordered some pinky from ebay.

Below were the base models I used for customize. I mixed and matched with 4 different pinkys figures.   The good thing about these dolls is you can mix and match different parts.  I found some dolls parts are pretty similar to my characters.  Since I was first timer to do the mod, I want to keep the mod part to the minimum and left most of the modify part with repaint.



Elena’s mod at day one.



I’m working on her clothes, skirt and hair (the clothes and skirt part I can handle it, but I have no idea how to make her hair work though…) I used putty for the mod. they are really sticky and hard to work than Super Sculpey. I found the best time to work with them is after mixing the two part putty for 1.5 hours, before it almost cast. But it still really hard to work with.  I also repainted her eyes. For Elena’s sport wear in vol.1, the knots keep falling off…I end up super glue it later on.

Here is Wahzee’s mod.



I repainted the front hair and his pants. Still need to work on his shoes. I also working on his back hair right now. (I put his hair on the extra body set so I can work with his easily.)

Day two:



I made the fleece with the extra body come with the kits.  This is the clothes Elena wears in end of vol.2 🙂  It’s not  100% look alike, but…oh well, I did my best!  I put prime on both dolls before I repaint them.  I made her pony tails with putty and shaped them like croissants.

Wahzee hair mod day 2:



Wahzee’s pony tail keep falling off so I put more putty around the connection part.    I need to wait for the putty to cast so it would be hard enough for more sanding and cut.  The gray on his front hair seems too dark…I need to repaint it.  I just realize I forgot to buy some brown paint for his hair and skin.

More days later:






Some more photo shots: