Pinky Street mod

Back then when I working on my 3D figure, I stuck at some point.  So I looked for some tutorials online and found these cute doll instead!

Pinky Street

I found a lot of people customize pinky for their favor anime/game characters.  I thought that would be awesome if I can customize my own characters too.

I ordered some pinky from ebay.

Below were the base models I used for customize. I mixed and matched with 4 different pinkys figures.   The good thing about these dolls is you can mix and match different parts.  I found some dolls parts are pretty similar to my characters.  Since I was first timer to do the mod, I want to keep the mod part to the minimum and left most of the modify part with repaint.



Elena’s mod at day one.



I’m working on her clothes, skirt and hair (the clothes and skirt part I can handle it, but I have no idea how to make her hair work though…) I used putty for the mod. they are really sticky and hard to work than Super Sculpey. I found the best time to work with them is after mixing the two part putty for 1.5 hours, before it almost cast. But it still really hard to work with.  I also repainted her eyes. For Elena’s sport wear in vol.1, the knots keep falling off…I end up super glue it later on.

Here is Wahzee’s mod.



I repainted the front hair and his pants. Still need to work on his shoes. I also working on his back hair right now. (I put his hair on the extra body set so I can work with his easily.)

Day two:



I made the fleece with the extra body come with the kits.  This is the clothes Elena wears in end of vol.2 🙂  It’s not  100% look alike, but…oh well, I did my best!  I put prime on both dolls before I repaint them.  I made her pony tails with putty and shaped them like croissants.

Wahzee hair mod day 2:



Wahzee’s pony tail keep falling off so I put more putty around the connection part.    I need to wait for the putty to cast so it would be hard enough for more sanding and cut.  The gray on his front hair seems too dark…I need to repaint it.  I just realize I forgot to buy some brown paint for his hair and skin.

More days later:






Some more photo shots:






Rhysmyth Characters

elena2Elena Bohdana
Hair: Pink
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5’2″
The oldest child and only daughter in a loving and supportive family, Elena can best be described as two parts spunk, one part tomboy and one part klutz.  She lacks a thorough knowledge of current pop-culture and a keen fashion sense.  Raised to believe in herself,     Elena can lose confidence when she feels in over her head.


wahzee2Wahzee Zameel
Hair: Silver and Black
Eye color: Reddish brown
Height: 5’10”
The only child of an overbearing father and a gentle kind-hearted mother, Wahzee is an excellent student-athlete driven by an unrelenting pursuit of perfection. Depending on his location he can come off as different people.  On the Rhysmyth court he is a whirling dervish of passion and emotion.  Off the Rhysmyth court he is usually calm, cool and serious.  In the school hallways he is known as an anti-bully.  A loner by nature, his best friend is his dog Zee.


diocel2Diocel Manibusan
Hair: Orange brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5’8″
Originally from Silicon Valley, Diocel moved up north with his mother after his engineer father lost his job. In private school his whole life, Diocel enjoys the newness of public school. After he transfers to Highwall High School he joins the Rhysmyth team with the intention of becoming team captain. With his family struggling financially he will need to do all he can to earn a full college scholarship. Intelligent, charismatic, charming–he’s a lady-killer and knows it. To his credit he is a gentleman by all accounts.


taylor2Taylor Hamilton
Hair: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5’5″
A constant glory-hound who excels at everything, privileged only child Taylor has always known the glowing admiration of others.  Followed by groupies and admirers, Taylor considers most people to be on a lower rung of the social ladder. Despite her attitude, Taylor is not cruel-hearted or evil; it’s just that the world has given her everything and she’s used to it. She finally found a rival when she failed to impress Elena with her ‘amazing’ fashion sense in middle school.


andrew2Andrew Liu
Hair: Black
Eye color: Black
Hieight: 5’7″
A dreamer at heart, Andrew often lives life through the lens of his imagination.  He is unaware of his high-standing within the opinions of his peers because he focuses only on what he wishes he could do.


shakesCoach Shakes
Age: 30’s
Hair: puple
Eye color: puple
Height: 5’9″
A former break dancer in days gone by, Shakes (as he’s known by his students) is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of youth.



renRenaldo Guarin
Hair: Blond
Eye color: Green
Height: 5’9″
Last year’s District Tournament MVP, Renaldo considers Wahzee his one true rival. His tremendous Rhysmyth skill can be seen on videos currently distributed throughout the internet. He is consistently ranked among the top-10 individual amateurs in the nation.


sidSid Carpenter
Hair: Red
Eye Color: Red
Height 5’8″
More renowned for his academic achievements than his athletic exploits, Sid nonetheless makes a powerful second on his team and is considered to be a top-20 talent in the state.


emilyEmily Espiritu
Hair: Blue
Eye Color: Turquoise
Hight: 5’4″
The newest member of Mountain Ridge’s team, Emily remains a mystery within the local Rhysmyth community. Rumor has it that she occasionally battles in the second spot–a testament to her true yet unseen abilities.


tina2Tina Johnson
Hair: Black
Eye color: Dark brown
Height: 5’7″
Tina, raised by her two older sisters, exhibits level-headed composure at all times and balances out the rash behavior of her best friend and surrogate little sister Elena. She is patient and kind though not without a sarcastic sense of humor. Blessed with a keen eye and womanly confidence, Tina is pretty much a grown-up stuck in high school.


madmaxMad Max
Age: 7
Hair: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Maxamillion spends most of his days devising new ways to torture his older sister Elena.  He admires her deep down but prefers to express it in the time-honored tradition of annoying little brothers.



Age: 6 months
Rottweiler (Male)
Wahzee’s best friend.  Zee is enthusiastic, eager to bark yet easy to befriend.



RHYSMYTH©Anthony Andora, Lincy Chan and Tokyopop Inc.